Rooftops can provide over half our solar energy targets

Aerial view of solar power plant with blue photovoltaic panels mounted on industrial building roof for producing green ecological electricity

A major new CPRE report has found that over half the solar panels needed to hit national net zero targets could be fitted on rooftops and in car parks. The research, by the UCL Energy Institute, for CPRE, shows that decarbonising the national energy grid requires far less land than feared. Installing solar panels on existing…

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Solar Energy has a place on roofs, not valuable open fields

houses with rooftop solar panels

South Oxfordshire Councillors have recently recognised that in the near future solar energy may be made redundant by more efficient renewable energy sources which are “on” all the time, rather than only when the sun shines. They are right, not least with South Oxfordshire’s own fusion laboratory working hard at Culham to develop reliable and…

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Take part in Hedgelife Help Out

Join in with our Hedgelife Help Out between 1 and 31 May and help us build a nationwide picture of how healthy our hedgerows are. As part of the Big Help Out, we’re asking people nationwide to check the health of their local hedgerows, and take part in Hedgelife Help Out. Hedgerows are the vital stitching in…

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