Civic Groups Call for Review of the Oxfordshire Plan Housing Assessment

Oxfordshire groups representing thousands of the County’s residents call for an independent review of the Oxfordshire Growth Needs Assessment. Oxfordshire groups have written a joint letter to the leaders of all Oxfordshire Councils (Note 1) calling for an independent review of the Oxfordshire Growth Needs Assessment (OGNA), the document that sets out the basis for…

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CPRE Oxfordshire Flooding and Pollution Map

Is your neighbourhood on the map? CPRE Flooding and Pollution Map (Nov 2021) Thanks to the Town and Parish councils who responded to our Flooding and Pollution survey we have a good picture of the flooding and pollution issues across Oxfordshire. However, there may be areas that have been missed. If your village or town…

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1 in 5 Oxfordshire towns and parishes face flooding and pollution issues

Flooding at Crawley

CPRE Oxfordshire has published a report identifying issues of flooding and water quality across the County.  Findings show that at least 17% of towns & parishes in Oxfordshire experience flooding problems and at least 20% of towns & parishes experience issues with sewage/sewerage infrastructure. CPRE Oxfordshire sent a survey to the 235 Parish Councils, 15…

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