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CPRE Oxfordshire has responded to plans for the future of Oxfordshire: the Vision 2050 is a good start but needs a lot more work before it can begin to be fit for purpose as a viable forward aim for public consideration.

Thursday, 17 December 2020 12:15

New development flood risks

Residents in Chalgrove, Shiplake and Bampton are concerned that housing development plans do not take into account local knowledge regarding flooding.

Councillors vote to adopt South Oxfordshire Local Plan.

The publication for consultation of a Strategic Vison for Oxfordshire is a big win for CPRE Oxfordshire, which has campaigned for some time both in public and privately with Council Leaders for just such a consultation on broad aims and objectives as distinguished from the minutiae of the implementation Plan which is all we usually see.

Highways England has launched ‘the A34 improvement project’, exploring opportunities to reduce congestion and improve safety North and South of Oxford, from the M4 to M40.

Cherwell Development Watch Alliance, an organisation of five local associations which has been opposing Cherwell District Council`s Local Plan (Part 1) Partial Review, has filed a claim in the High Court challenging its adoption by the Council.

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