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Last modified:
27th June 2022

CPRE Oxfordshire videos can be viewed on our You Tube channel, or click the links below.

CPRE Oxfordshire – A Better Vision for Oxfordshire. Created in 2019 to accompany our printed manifesto, offering an alternative vision to the one on offer through the Oxfordshire Plan 2050.

CPRE Oxfordshire 90th anniversary lectures, 2021: The Future of the English Countryside.
How to Farm in the 21st Century with Ian Wilkinson, Farm-ED

A History of the British Hedgerow with John Wright FLS

Reducing Demand for Water with Andrew Tucker, Thames Water

Tale of a Town – Chipping Norton. Filmed c.1969 on behalf of CPRE Oxfordshire and reshown during CPRE Oxfordshire’s 90th anniversary year in 2021.

Hedgerow Heroes
Throughout 2021-22, CPRE and Wild Oxfordshire worked with community groups and parish councils to plant new hedgerows and rejuvenate ancient ones. A short film shows how one of these community groups has worked together to restore and plant hedgerows on the edge of Watlington.

West Meadow Project, Watlington