SNARL in South Newington

Hulton Park

24th September 2013

With lorries and cars continuing to make their lives a misery, South Newington residents launch a website to keep up the battle for action on the A361.    


SNARL361 (South Newington A361 Road Lobby) has launched a new website where anyone affected by the traffic can comment on their experiences.  Most importantly, it is somewhere to record examples of the many ‘near misses’ which take place, both between different vehicles and between vehicles and pedestrians and cyclists.   

See the SNARL361 website.

The Cherwell District Council Conservation Officer has expressed concern about the effect of the traffic on listed structures – and even admitted to being struck by a passing wing mirror whilst in the village!

A traffic questionnaire has highlighted local people’s concerns and the next step will be a public meeting – details to follow.

Getting anything changed is a long old battle, so hats off to the local campaigners for all their efforts to protect this beautiful village from traffic overload.