New Solar Farm Policy

Hulton Park

4th July 2013

CPRE Oxfordshire has published its updated policy on solar farms, opposing them because of the damage they do to the landscape and the loss of valuable land.   With an increase in applications across the county, now is the time to take action.

CPRE Oxfordshire believes renewable energy is desirable, but not at unacceptable cost to the countryside or to the economy.

We are opposed to solar farms because the minimal benefit they offer in terms of renewable energy does not outweigh the environmental harm they cause or the useful land that is lost.  

We will support relatively small discrete developments on the roofs of existing buildings, or in other sites where they are effectively concealed by existing development or the lie of the land, and do not involve the loss of land useful for agriculture, recreation or biodiversity.

More information and our policy in full

Share our views?  Why not write to your District Councillor and let them know?  (If you don’t know who your local representative is, you can find out on the WriteToThem website.)

Is your community under threat of a solar farm?   Get in touch with CPRE.