Potential new road link between Culham and Didcot


24th February 2016

Oxfordshire County Council is developing proposals for a new road link and crossing over the River Thames to link Culham Science Centre and Didcot to meet the economic growth predicted in the Science Vale Area. 

A new Thames crossing is an element of the package of transport measures to facilitate housing and employment expansion in the Science Vale area around Didcot and the neighbouring towns.

The County Council has already undertaken an appraisal of the corridor between the Culham Science Centre and Didcot to look at providing a new road link and river crossing, identifying four possible routes.

Of the 4 alignments, 2 have been ruled out mainly on archeological and cost impact. The remaining 2 will be looked at in more detail through the next stage of the design and appraisal process. 

One of proposed the routes runs from Didcot to the Culham Science Centre to the west of Appleford, while the other runs between Appleford and Long Wittenham.

See map 1 which shows the approximate route alignments in the Thames Crossing Briefing Note attached below.

What happens next?

To complete a new road link, including design, public consultation, planning and securing funding, it is likely to take approximately 10 years before construction could start. This fits in the timeframe of the growth for the Science Vale area which is in the Local Plan timescale up to 2031.

Scheme costs are currently estimated at £125 million. 

Further work will now be done to develop the 2 preferred alignments, to understand any further constraints and costs. During this design stage, full public consultation will be undertaken. The timescales for this will be announced soon.

OCC will take note during the public consultation of the potential impact on any residential properties.

CPRE Oxfordshire will respond to the consultation and we will share our thoughts on the proposals on our website.

Find out more

If you have any questions email Samantha Tharme at: southandvale@oxfordshire.gov.uk or Tel: 01865 792422. 


CPRE Oxfordshire, 24 February 2016