Port meadow: a breakthrough may be close

Hulton Park

11th February 2013

Photo: © Jane Tomlinson

A breakthrough may be close in the fight by the Campaign to Protect Port Meadow from Oxford University’s new development of student accommodation, currently being built on the edge of the ancient common land.

On Friday Oxford City’s West Area Planning Committee resolved to instruct their Head of City development to negotiate with the University of Oxford  to find a solution that ameliorates the size and impact of the ugly and inappropriately tall development.

Thousands of people have now joined the protest about the impact of the development on Port Meadow, and now very large numbers of people within the University are urging the Vice-Chancellor to lower the height of the buildings.

Sushila Dhall of Campaign to Protect Port Meadow says: “We feel a breakthrough may be close, and urge the University to bring a swift and clean end to this controversy by voluntarily lowering the heights of these blocks.”

CPRE Oxfordshire urges everyone to keep the pressure on those who can resolve this matter.

What you can do

  • Add your name now to a petition against the development that has already has 1,700 people signed up.
  • If you live in Oxford, contact your District Councillor (see this list on Oxford City website to find yours) and ask what they intend to do to about this
  • If you live outside Oxford it still affects you. Our common heritage is at risk, so make your views known. Contact the Council leader, Councillor Bob Price email cllrbprice@oxford.gov.uk
  • Could you spare a little time or money to support CPRE Oxford with its campaign to rescue Port Meadow and other green spaces in Oxford? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Phone us on 01865 874780 or email campaign@cpreoxon.org.uk
  • Read more about the campaign to protect Port Meadow on their website here: http://saveportmeadow.wordpress.com/