Plans for huge urban extension into Green Belt south of Oxford

Oxford Times

12th January 2017

Oxford Times

A proposal for a huge urban extension into the Green Belt south of the City, has been put forward by Oxford City Council with fellow landowners Magdalen College and Thames Water.

The proposed urban extension, known as ‘South Oxford Science Village‘ would include 3,000 houses, primary and secondary school, commercial development and a park and ride.

CPRE believes the scheme is unacceptable and unjustifiable:

• It targets the Oxford Green Belt – open countryside which it is essential to protect for the benefit of the whole of Oxford and particularly for all who live in the Leys and the surrounding villages.
• Although Oxford is short of houses, there is plenty of space left within the City for the kind of high density affordable houses people actually need.
• This development will not reduce housing need as it will also create new employment to attract yet more people into the City.
• The developers, Magdalen College with £180 million in the bank and Thames Water, a company worth £6 billion, hardly need the money they are seeking to gain at the expense of our heritage and countryside.

See below CPRE’s response to the ‘South Oxford Science Village’ consultation.

See also a CPRE flyer including more information.

Find out more:

Cratus Communications Ltd, who are working on behalf of the consortium of landowners are holding a series of public engagement events:

Event 1: Thursday 19th January – The Kassam Stadium, Grenoble Road, Oxford, OX4 4XP between 2.00pm and 7.00pm.

Event 2: Friday 20th January – Sandford Village Hall, Henley Road, Sandford-on-Thames, Oxford, OX4 4YN between 4.00pm and 8.30pm.

Event 3: Saturday 21st January – Jubilee 77 Community Centre, Sorrell Road, Blackbird Leys, OX4 6SH between 10.00am and 2.00pm.

If you cannot attend any of the events, but would like to find out more you can e-mail or telephone 020 3198 5809.

Feedback can also be given online, by 10 February, via the South Oxford Science Village website.

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CPRE Oxfordshire, 12 January