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Civic Groups Call for Review of the Oxfordshire Plan Housing Assessment

CPRE Oxfordshire Flooding and Pollution Map

Flooding at Crawley

1 in 5 Oxfordshire towns and parishes face flooding and pollution issues

The Future of the English Countryside: online lectures celebrating CPRE Oxfordshire’s 90th anniversary

Oxfordshire Plan 2050: CPRE Oxfordshire calls for independent review of flawed Growth Needs Assessment

Jericho, Oxford Credit Kamyar Adl/flickr

Oxfordshire Plan 2050: Oxfordshire needs truly affordable homes


Government must urgently rethink Oxford-Cambridge Arc to protect nature and climate

Image courtesy of Amanda Garrett

CPRE Oxfordshire’s 90th anniversary appeal

CPRE Oxfordshire’s 90th Anniversary 1931 – 2021

George Tomlinson

CPRE releases ground-breaking new research into hedgerows

Oxford Plan 2040 – Build Communities NOT Car Parks