A Vision for Transport


18th February 2021

Have your say on the future vision for transport and connectivity in Oxfordshire.  Consultation runs until 29 March.

The ‘Vision’ for the Oxfordshire Local Transport & Connectivity Plan 5 has now been published for comment.  

See the Oxfordshire County Council website

The consultation runs until 29 March 2021.

In our response to an earlier consultation, CPRE Oxfordshire set out the need for a dedicated strategy for rural areas.  

This consultation says: “Our evidence base work has identified that much of Oxfordshire is rural in nature.”  Genius!

Then it asks: “In the context of the proposed vision, how do you think the approach to improving connectivity in rural areas should differ to more urban areas?

This is indeed a critical question and one we will be looking to answer in our response.  

For example:

– Better broadband to facilitate both home-working and leisure activities
– Increasing flexibility of services eg online medical consultations
– Increasing public transport links between market towns (not just spokes to Oxford)
– Establishing rural mobility hubs
– Integrated ticketing between companies/modes of travel
– Support for moving to electric vehicles (including not just cars, but e-bikes and scooters)
– Special regard for the requirements of our designated landscapes, in particular Oxfordshire’s three Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Whilst viable alternatives to private vehicle use do not exist, we should recognise that this is likely to remain the main travel option for many rural residents, and they should not be unduly penalised for this.

Read the CPRE Oxfordshire below.

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– this National CPRE report on rural Transport Deserts.


Are you a current or former transport professional or do you have expertise in this area?  Could you spare a little time to help CPRE Oxon with its transport-related work?  If so, we’d love to hear from you!  

Contact: campaign@cpreoxon.org.uk


LTCP5 Vision Consultation – CPRE Oxfordshire Response March 2021