Oxford Local Plan – Consultation 


30th January 2023

Oxford City Council has launched a new round of public consultation as the next stage in developing its Local Plan 2040. This will focus on housing need, with a new independent report providing the evidence base underpinning the local plan.

We are concerned that its projections don’t follow the Government’s Standard Methodology and are biased towards delivering ongoing housing and population growth well above UK forecasts.  Although the work has been commissioned only by the City Council and Cherwell, it is likely to have a strong impact on our other Districts too.  We hope that South, Vale and West will be mounting a robust challenge to the Housing and Economic Needs Assessment (HENA), as well as developing their own alternative evidence base.

Consultation runs from Monday 13 February until Monday 27 March 2023.

Read the consultation documents and respond on the Oxford City Council website.

Read our draft response below: