First Steps are Crucial for Oxford Local Plan 2036


28th July 2016

As Oxford City Council gets to work on its development plan through to 2036, it’s asking for your initial views on issues such as housing, jobs and green space.  We think its a good chance to speak up for sustainable development, rather than just ‘growth’! Consultation closes 12 August.

The Council says: ‘This consultation will help develop a vision for the city in 2036, to gather ideas on a range of scenarios for future development and to check that we have identified the right issues.’

You can find the consultation booklet, background papers and questionnaire on the City Council website.

CPRE Oxford believes:

  • The housing numbers are deeply flawed and that the City Council should work with its local authority partners to review the Oxfordshire Strategic Economic Plan and to commission a new assessment of the housing market.
  • One of the main problems for Oxford is not the allocation of sites but housing delivery ie ensuring that development actually comes forward on sites already allocated.
  • Increasing density of development would reduce land take and provide less expensive housing.
  • To suggest urban extensions to Oxford in the Green Belt is to fatally misunderstand the purposes of the Green Belt, and the value it brings to both City and County.
  • Providing, protecting and enhancing green spaces is a vital part of a sustainable city.

Have your say by 12 August.   (If you don’t have time to fill in the questionnaire, you can simply send your comments to )

You can see CPRE’s full response to the consultation below.


CPRE Oxfordshire

July 2016