Oxford City launches Local Plan 2040 Consultation

View of Oxford Photo: © Jane Tomlinson

2nd August 2021

Live in Oxford? What do you think the city should look like in 2040?
Just over a week to respond – consultation closes 25th August

Oxford City has launched the opening ‘Issues’ consultation on its new Local Plan 2040, which will eventually supercede the Local Plan 2036 which it adopted last year. The Oxfordshire Plan 2050 will decide future housing numbers, the Oxford Local Plan will need to plan for the location of that housing as well as various housing types and tenures to meet the needs across the City.

A questionnaire has been sent to every address in Oxford response can be made via an online survey or by email to planningpolicy@oxford.gov.uk

For introductory information visit the Oxford City Council website here.

The Online Questionnaire, Consultation Document, Topic Papers and Sustainability Scoping Report can be found on the Oxford City Council website here.

CPRE Oxfordshire has prepared an Outline Response which can be downloaded below.

Deadline for response is 25 August.