OxCam Arc & Expressway: Government committed despite no public consultation to date

Hulton Park

11th July 2019

Oxfordshire County Council wrote to Government demanding local residents get to say if they want an Expressway.

Ian Hudspeth, Leader of Oxfordshire County Council and Yvonne Constance, cabinet member for the environment wrote to the Government in April demanding that local residents have their say on the Expressway before any route is considered.

Government were also asked to confirm whether Oxfordshire’s share of the 1 million houses planned for the OxCam Arc were included in the 100,000 currently in Local Plans as part of the Growth Deal.

A response was received on 2nd July, disappointing for any Councillors who wanted to formally oppose the plans at Council in July. In his response Kit Malthouse states “The Government is committed to delivering the Oxfordshire-Cambridge expressway and recognises the importance of consulting with local communities on this scheme.”

Both letters can be downloaded below.


Public consulation on an OxCam Vision is planned for summer 2019, we await details.
Public consultation on the OxCam Expressway, specifically route options and the case for the Expressway is planned for autumn 2019.


OCC letter to James Brokenshire 18 April 2019
Kit Malthouse response rec. 2 July 19