Local Elections 2nd May: which candidates will protect rural Oxfordshire?

Hulton Park

28th March 2019

Ask them!
We have prepared sample text so you can find out.
Simply copy, paste and email to your candidate/s.

Your Council is participating in the Growth Deal and plans to build its share of 100,000 new houses, a 40% increase in Oxfordshire’s housing stock and four times as many as are actually needed for Oxfordshire people by any measure. They are also participating in the Oxfordshire Plan 2050, proposing another 250,000 houses, the equivalent of five new Oxfords, doubling our housing stock. The aim is to provide housing to lure more people to Oxfordshire, doubling the population to create a development hub.

Do you agree with CPRE and the public, as shown by opinion research, that growth on this scale will unacceptably damage your elector’s rural environment?

And will you if elected make every effort to ensure your Council’s plan is not adopted in its present form?

A large part of this development is aimed at the Green Belt. Public opinion throughout the Country overwhelmingly agrees with CPRE that the Green Belt should be left open and untouched and continue to protect us from urban sprawl and the countryside from inappropriate development.

Do you agree that the Green Belt should be left open and untouched?

And will you if elected make every effort to ensure that any plans your Council may have for housing development on Green Belt are cancelled?

Local elections are taking place in Cherwell, South Oxfordshire, Vale of White Horse and West Oxfordshire districts.
Visit your District Council website to find out more, candidate details will be published after the 4th April.