HS2 Mitigation Plans – not enough noise!

Hulton Park

11th July 2013

CPRE Oxfordshire has criticised HS2’s Draft Environmental Statement (ES) for not including enough information on key issues, including noise, vibration and light pollution.  

In our response to the consultation on the draft ES, we have called for environmental mitigation to follow best practice rather than simply looking for the cheapest minimum option.

We have also highlighted concerns including:

– the short period of time available for the consultation

– the need to ensure all land required for mitigation is available via compulsory purchase if necessary

– the need for quantitative noise standards for tranquil rural communities and the countryside.   There are currently no proposed measures to mitigate for noise nuisance or loss of visual amenity for those working outdoors or for the general public eg those taking part in sport or recreation in the countryside.

– the need to avoid light pollution by using full cut-off lighting during construction and for any permanent lighting

– the lack of information on the impact of vibration.

We have also included detailed comments on mitigation measures proposed specifically for Oxfordshire, affecting the parishes of Mixbury, Finmere, Godington and Newton Purcell.

See our response in full (pdf)