Four new Park and Rides proposed for the Oxford Green Belt


29th June 2016

A new study published by Oxfordshire County Council proposes building four new Park and Ride sites – all in the Green Belt – at Cumnor, Lodge Hill, Sandford and Oxford Airport/Kidlington.

The new Study – ‘Oxford Park and Ride – Future Strategy Development’ (May 2016) is ‘the latest step in the process of delivering’ the proposed Park and Rides outlined in the Oxford Transport Strategy.

And unsurprisingly, the study by Atkins, commissioned by Oxfordshire County Council, backs the Council’s plan for new Park & Rides to be built in the Oxford Green Belt, at Cumnor, Lodge Hill, Sandford and London Oxford Airport.

An additional Park and Ride is planned for Eynsham, on the outer edge of the Green Belt.

The Thornhill and Oxford Parkway Park and Rides are due to be retained and expanded.

OCC says detailed proposals will be brought forward as part of each District’s Local Plan processes.

CPRE believes the proposed Park and Rides will undermine the openness and permanence of the Green Belt, and encroach upon the countryside.

Helen Marshall, Director said:

“They will do nothing to get people out of their cars. Instead, it will just increase the amount of traffic to and from the radial routes to surrounding towns.

Furthermore, they will continue to put the focus on increasing jobs in Oxford, leading to even more pressure on the Green Belt.”

See: CPRE’s initial response to the proposed Park and Ride scheme, when it was first announced in 2015.


CPRE Oxfordshire, 29 June