County Council to decide on controversial Park & Ride scheme


7th September 2015

CPRE has signed a joint letter to all County Councillors calling on them not to approve the draft LTP4 until the Park and Ride scheme is dropped.

On Tuesday 8 September, the County Council will meet to consider the draft Local Transport Plan 2015-2031 (LTP4), approved by Cabinet on 21 July and recommended for adoption by Full Council.

CPRE Oxfordshire has today signed a Joint Letter (see below) to all County Councillors, along with the North Abingdon Local Plan Group (NALPG), Oxford Green Belt Network (OGBN) and the Sunningwell Parisioners Against Damage to the Environment (SPADE), calling on them not to give their approval to the draft LTP4 until the proposed Park & Ride scheme is dropped.

The draft LTP4 contains a costly scheme to relocate Park & Ride sites in the Oxford Green Belt at the following locations: Langford Lane, East of Kidlington, Cumnor, Lodge Hill (Abingdon) and Sandford, plus expansion at the existing Thornhill site (see map above).

We believe the Park & Ride scheme should be dropped because:

a) The strategy itself is fundamentally flawed.

b) The specific sites proposed are inappropriate and would cause severe detrimental impact to the Oxford Green Belt, in contravention of national planning policy.

c) Proper research should be conducted first, not as a retrospective act of self-justification.

CPRE will be adressing the Council meeting outlining our concerns with the proposed Park & Ride scheme (see below).

Find out more:

See: CPRE Oxfordshire response to consultation on LTP4, 1 April 2015


CPRE Oxfordshire, 7 September