County Council Cabinet meeting approves Local Transport Plan

Hulton Park

23rd July 2015

On Tuesday 21 July, the County Council Cabinet Meeting approved the Local Transport Plan for Oxfordshire.

CPRE Oxfordshire Director, Helen Marshall, addressed the Cabinet on behalf of CPRE (see below), outling our concerns with the Local Transport Plan.

There were good representations from a number of other local action groups with whom CPRE is liaising.

The Cabinet’s response was that nothing was yet a done deal and the issues around Park & Rides could be explored as part of future work. In other words, they are happy to ignore all their consultation responses and do not wish to engage in the issues. No surprises there!

The LTP will now be put forward for adoption by Full Council in September, and CPRE will of course repeat its concerns at this stage.

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CPRE Oxfordshire, 23 July