Cherwell Local Plan Examination – Pre-Hearing Meeting

Hulton Park

21st August 2018

The Cherwell LP Part 1 Review Examination in Public will start with a One Day Pre-Hearing Meeting purely focused on whether the proposed level of unmet need can be considered sound and if so, whether it meets the exceptional circumstances test to justify release of Green Belt.

The Inspector will be

  1. Working through the ‘working assumption’ that Oxford has an unmet need of 15,000 homes (which became 14,850), based on an overall housing requirement for the city to 2031 of 28,000, is the apportionment of 4,400 homes of Oxford’s overall unmet need to Cherwell soundly based?
  2. Assuming that figure of 4400 is soundly based, and bearing in mind paragraph 83 of the (previous version of the NPPF, can Oxford’s unmet housing be an ‘exceptional circumstance’ that justifies alteration to Green Belt boundaries?

The Preliminary Hearing will commence at 9.30am on Friday 28 September within the Council Chamber of Cherwell District Council Offices, Bodicote House, White Post Road, Bodicote, Banbury, OX15 4AA.

Anyone who already submitted a representation was able to submit further statements (deadline 14th September). All written statements are available to read on the Cherwell District Council website: Local Plan Part 1 Partial Review – Examination.

Please see attached Preliminary Hearing Agenda and Guidance Note.


CPRE Oxfordshire will be at the Pre-Hearing meeting speaking up for our countryside.

You can read our written statement for the meeting below

Cherwell Pre-Hearing Meeting Agenda
Cherwell Pre-Hearing Meeting Agenda
CPRE Oxon Pre Hearing Statement Sept 18