Cherwell District Council votes to accept its Local Plan Part 1 Review – the 4,400 houses in the Oxford Green Belt.

New homes roundabout

10th September 2020

Cherwell District Councillors have given the final ok to 4,400 houses in the Oxford Green Belt. Over 20,000 houses are now planned to be built on our Green Belt. How can it be ‘exceptional’ if it is becoming the norm? Who is looking at cumulative impact?

Helen Marshall, Director, CPRE Oxfordshire said:

“This is a very disappointing decision, which will transform the character of the villages and countryside around north Oxford and add significantly to traffic woes. We now have over 20,000 houses planned for the Oxford Green Belt, roughly the equivalent of two new towns the size of Didcot. It’s time our local authorities re-thought their priorities and concentrated efforts on providing genuinely affordable housing in the City where it is needed, rather than opting for low density executive housing on irreplaceable green space.”