Botley West Solar Farm – Parish/Town councils have opportunity to comment

Solar Array

20th June 2023

Botley West Solar Farm has submitted their Scoping Report to the Planning Inspector.

The Inspectorate is required to adopt a Scoping Opinion within 42 days of receiving a scoping request – which will be the 27th July 2023.

At this stage only specified organisations and bodies are consulted, If they fail to respond, it is assumed they have no comments. It is therefore of the utmost importance that every Parish Council, Local, District and City Authority is fully aware of how the Oxfordshire community feels about this proposed development. Please urge your Parish / Town Council to start preparing their responses NOW!

The Stop Botley West campaign is updating as much information as possible on the website:

***Update – the Planning Inspectorate has published its Scoping Opinion its views on the developer Phot Volt Development Partner’s proposals for what their Environmental Impact Assessment will cover. It can be downloaded from the National Infrastructure Website.