Abingdon Reservoir


Last modified:
16th December 2021

CPRE Oxfordshire opposes the proposed mega-reservoir near Abingdon.

Lower rainfall, increased consumer consumption, housing and industrial growth and large-scale leakage are all contributing to a growing water shortage in the southeast.

To alleviate the shortage Thames Water propose a large new reservoir in the Steventon and Hanney area, near Abingdon, Oxfordshire. It would store approximately 150 billion litres (equal to 33 billion gallons), an area of agricultural land about 10 sq km. The chosen site is flat clay vale, so the water will need to be contained by an embankment; the maximum height will be 25 metres (80 feet) in height and would only occur opposite Marcham.

On a positive note Thames Water have committed to reduce leakage by 50% by 2050. If a 50% reduction is met, it amounts to a saving of 300 million litres per day, equal to the amount which the proposed reservoir would supply: making the case for building a mega-reservoir hard to justify!

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