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Vale Green Belt at risk

Thursday, 04 December 2014 10:47

The Vale Local Plan proposes taking twenty-two sites out of the Green Belt.

The Vale Local Plan identifies twenty-two sites for removal from the Oxford Green Belt.

This includes the four Green Belt sites identified for 1,510 houses at North Abingdon (800 houses), North West Abingdon (200 houses), North Radley (240 houses) and South Kennington (270 houses).

However, the Plan also includes an additional 18 parcels of land (see list below).

While these sites have not been identified for development in Part 1 of the Plan, it is highly likely that they will be earmarked for housing in Part 2 of the Plan.

Why would the Vale propose taking these sites out of the Green Belt, if it did not plan to develop them in the future?

CPRE will be objecting to the proposed removal of all of these sites in its response to the consultation on the Plan (due to be published online shortly).

We would encourage all those who cherish the Vale Green Belt to also object to the inclusion of Green Belt sites in the Plan.

The 18 sites include:

1. Abingdon (East)

2. Appleton (North)

3. Appleton (South-West)

4. Botley (North)

5. Botley (South)

6. Botley (East)

7. Botley (West)

8. Cumnor (North)

9. Cumnor (North-East)

10. Cumnor (South)

11. Cumnor (West)

12. Farmoor (North)

13. Kennington (North)

14. Kennington (South-West)

15. Radley (South)

16. Wootton (North-East)

17. Wootton (South-East)

18. Wootton (South-West)

For more information, and precise location of sites, see: 'Vale Local Plan 2031, Draft Adopted Policies Map, Abingdon on Thames and Oxford Sub Area'.

The deadline for the consultation on the Vale's Local Plan is:

4.30pm, 19 December

CPRE Oxfordshire 4 December 2014

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