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A Joint Plan for Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire's six local councils (4 districts, the city and county) have all agreed to work together to produce a Joint Statutory Spatial Plan (JSSP), called the Oxfordshire Plan 2050.

It is intended to sit above the District and City Local Plans, looking at strategic development across the area.
In recent years there has been no assessment of the cumulative environmental and social impacts of development. This, combined with a relaxation of planning rules, has led to a wave of speculative development which has put our landscape and rural communities at risk. The JSSP is a positive step towards a more strategic and coherent approach to identifying and guiding appropriate development.

It will be one of the first Plans of this kind to come forward across England, so the pressure is on to make sure it takes adequate account of our natural environment. Timing is tight, the intention is to have the plan submitted by March 2020. So it will need strong engagement from all those with knowledge of, and passion for, Oxfordshire's environment to make sure that the JSSP is underpinned by good environmental information that can lead to robust decision making.

Oxfordshire's rural character is at the heart of its environmental, economic and social well-being. This is the fundamental starting point from which decisions about the future development of the county should be made.

UPDATE 12/02/19 - the first consultation is launched: Introducing the Oxfordshire Plan 2050
For more information visit our news page.

 CPRE Oxfordshire responses to consultations can be downloaded below.


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