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Ox-Cam Expressway and Growth Corridor

Ox Cam Corridor B

Save Oxfordshire: No Expressway, No 300,000 houses
The Oxfordshire countryside is valuable and needlessly under threat


A new road is being proposed that will unleash a tidal wave of development. 200,000 houses, or 4 new cities the size of Oxford, are being planned for Oxfordshire.

Let's plan for real need: the right development for the future of Oxfordshire. The Government's own figures show Oxfordshire needs 50,000 new houses up to 2031 to meet local demand.

Don't let Highways England dictate local communtities: Oxfordshire needs good quality, high density development not a wholesale transformation into urban sprawl.

Join CPRE Oxfordshire's call for a public inquiry: decisions on the future of Oxfordshire should not be made behind closed doors.

The planning system should focus on preserving the countryside as much as possible for the benefit of us now and for generations yet to come.

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