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What Are Local Plans?

Local Plans set out the big decisions on planning for the future of your community and land. They outline the long-term strategy for each planning authority. England's planning system is designed to ensure that future development is always in the public interest and stops speculative development.

Every local planning authority must create a Local Plan to guide the future development of their area. Future planning decisions must then be made in accordance with that plan. Consultation with neighbourhood organisations and business is a key part of creating Local Plans and making sure that they reflect the future needs of the whole community. Engaging in that consultation process is the best way to help shape the future development of your area.
What the Local Plan contains

Local Plans set out the strategic priorities for development of an area and cover housing, commercial, public and private development, including transport infrastructure, along with protection for the local environment. They comprise a series of documents that should set out clear guidance on what development will and won't be permitted in your area.

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What Local Plans can and cannot do
Local Plans set out the broad strategy for development in your area. They cannot tell you exactly what changes will happen in each neighbourhood.

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See Get Involved to find out how to comment, respond to consultation, take part in the Examination and see sample letters objecting and supporting various elements of a Local Plan.



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