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Protect the Oxford Green Belt & Historic Oxford


CPRE Oxfordshire's campaign to Save the Oxford Green Belt and protect the historic City of Oxford. 

The Oxford Green Belt is constantly under threat - we need your help to protect it for future generations!

Oxford Green Belt under threat now!

A number of wealthy landowners, including Magdalen College, are trying to build huge urban extensions out over the Oxford Green Belt.

The most immediate threat is to the south of the City at Grenoble Road, where a planning application for 3,500 houses is expected soon, with a further 3,500 also on the cards. In addition there is a proposal north of the City for a further 3,500 houses,which would obliterate the ‘Kidlington gap’, and elsewhere around the Green Belt, including north of Abingdon and Wicks Farm.

Once attacked in this way, there will be little to stand in the way of the complete dismantling of the Oxford Green Belt.

Why the Green Belt matters

The Green Belt protects surrounding villages and countryside from urban sprawl. But it also gives City dwellers access to open countryside and protects the historic setting of Oxford. The City's medieval layout, network of view and floodplains and historic buildings make it entirely unsuitable for expansion on this scale. Such development is likely to harm the City's economy, which depends on tourism and being an attractive place to live and work. 

Just imagine another 15,000 more people trying to get down the Cowley Road to work every day!

Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is a critical issue, in the City and in rural areas. But developers don't build at a rate that sees prices drop and no realistic level of housebuilding would bring down prices. Sacrificing our countryside isn't the way to solve the problem.

Three quarters of Oxfordshire residents believe that, even though the need for housing may be great, the Oxford Green Belt should not be sacrificed (CPRE Oxfordshire Survey, March 2015).

The Alternatives - a bigger city doesn't necessarily mean a better city

We should prioritise brownfield sites such as Osney Mead, look at higher density developments and consider more creative solutions to affordable housing. Most importantly, we need to think about how much growth Oxford can accomodate sustainably and whether development should actually be targeted elsewhere in the country, where housing is cheaper and jobs are scarce.

What you can do?

Don't let a few wealthy landowners, like Magdalen College, take over the Green Belt at the expense of local people, the countryside and the future prosperity of Oxford. 

Please help us to protect it for generations to come - join our campaign to Save the Oxford Green Belt!

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Further information

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