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How we work

The Thames at Swinford The Thames at Swinford Photo: © Jane Tomlinson

CPRE Oxfordshire is an independent environmental charity, one of more than 200 CPRE regional branches across England. 

Our in-depth local knowledge in the districts and parishes, combined with our national profile means we are effective in tackling both the specific problems that really matter, as well as the wider challenges the countryside faces.

Almighty nuisance

"CPRE is very frequently an almighty nuisance, and this is absolutely as it should be. It's absolutely necessary to have a group of people who are utterly devoted to the protection of rural England." - Rt Hon Oliver Letwin MP


"The Government's draft National Planning Policy Framework triggered widespread concern, with its emphasis on development at any cost. It is thanks to great organisations like the CPRE and the National Trust that the public were motivated to lobby their MPs and the Government for change." - Zac Goldsmith MP

Persuading Parliament

"In Westminster in 2011-12, we cemented our reputation as the leading NGO on planning, being mentioned 87 times in Parliament during the debates on the reform of the planning. We worked with Zac Goldsmith MP to co-ordinate a letter signed by 45 coalition MPs urging the Government to retain protections for the wider countryside, and provided maps to 150 MPs showing the countryside at risk in their constituencies. We made our case at two select committee inquiries and four meetings of the All Party Group on Housing and Planning, personally briefing another 37 MPs and 16 Peers." - Adam Royle, Senior Parliamentary Officer, CPRE


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