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Local Group Web Manager: Jane Tomlinson

Local Group Web Manager: Jane Tomlinson

Jane Tomlinson, PR manager, CPRE Oxfordshire

CPRE Oxfordshire is hosting this public event to raise awareness of the Joint Statutory Spatial Plan (JSSP) and to encourage our decision makers to engage with local communities.

The Oxford North project, previously known as the Oxford Gateway, is proposed to be built on 64 acres of land between Wolvercote roundabout, the A34 and the Peartree roundabout.

Thanks to an initiative by CPRE Oxfordshire communities throughout the county have been inspired to make a film celebrating their local area and explaining why it needs protecting from development.

Thames Water has been forced into higher leakage reduction targets, but says the Abingdon reservoir is now needed even sooner than it thought before. Consultation closes 28 November.

Monday, 29 October 2018 12:38

What will Oxfordshire look like in 2050?

Oxfordshire's six local councils (4 districts, the city and county) have all agreed to work together to produce a Joint Statutory Spatial Plan (JSSP) for Oxfordshire.

Monday, 10 September 2018 12:54

West Oxfordshire Local Plan Approved

The Inspector’s report on the West Oxfordshire Local Plan has now been published, finding the Plan sound subject to Main Modifications.

Oxfordshire County Council Minerals and Waste Local Plan: Part 2 – Site Allocations

Issues and Options Consultation – Deadline 4pm Wednesday 3rd October 2018

The Cherwell LP Part 1 Review Examination in Public will start with a One Day Pre-Hearing Meeting purely focused on whether the proposed level of unmet need can be considered sound and if so, whether it meets the exceptional circumstances test to justify release of Green Belt.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018 09:50

Vacancy: Chair of CPRE West Oxfordshire

CPRE Oxfordshire is looking for a new Chairperson to help co-ordinate our activity in West Oxfordshire.

Thursday, 26 July 2018 12:58

Your Local Plan

The five Oxfordshire district councils are working towards, or have, an approved Local Plan. What's the Local Plan in your area? 


The Cherwell Local Plan 2011-2031 Part 1 was adopted in 2015, and re-adopted in 2016 to include Bicester. Read it here...

A Partial Review is in preparation to to help meet the unmet housing needs of Oxford. In Part 1 of the Local Plan, Cherwell District Council committed to address the unmet objectively assessed housing need from elsewhere in Oxfordshire, particularly from Oxford City. In 2016 the Oxfordshire Growth Board agreed an apportionment of Oxford's unmet housing need to the Oxfordshire Districts, including 4,400 houses to Cherwell District.

Cherwell District Council submitted the Local Plan Partial Review to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government for formal examination in March 2018. The Local Plan Partial Review is now subject to Examination and a Preliminary Hearing will now take place in September 2018, read more here... Full Examination is expected in 2019.

The Cherwell Local Plan 2011-2031 is in preparation and will address smaller, non-strategic sites and management policies. Read more here... 

UPDATE - Cherwell Local Plan Examination Hearings have been confirmed. For more details and to respond read more here...

Oxford City

The Oxford City Local Plan 2001-2016, Core Strategy 2026 and Sites and Housing Plan are currently in place. These will each be replaced by the Oxford Local Plan 2036 when adopted.
Read the current policy documents here: Oxford City Local Plan 2001-2016; Core Strategy 2026; Sites and Housing Plan

Oxford City Council is currently drafting the Local Plan 2036, which will become the main planning policy document for Oxford. It will set out set out how the city looks and feels, guiding new developments to the right locations, whilst protecting and improving the environment.

The public had an opportunity to offer comments on the Oxford Local Plan 2036 between June and August 2017. The consultation statement document can be read here...

Ongoing timescale:
October 2018                                  - Special Council meeting
1 November to 13 December 2018 - Consultation of Draft Plan Regulation 19
March 2019                                     - Submit Plan for examination
June/July 2019                                - Hearing days (tbc)
Autumn 2019                                   - Inspector's report (tbc)

Area Action Plans exist for West End, Barton and Northern Gateway. They can be read here: West End Area Action Plan; Barton Area Action Plan; Northern Gateway Action Plan.

UPDATE - the Oxford City Local Plan public consultation is now closed. To read CPRE Oxfordshire's response and find out to respond yourself visit our newspage.


South Oxfordshire

The South Oxfordshire Local Plan 2011-2031 was adopted in 2006 . Read it here...

South Oxfordshire District Council is developing a new Local Plan which will set out the vision for the district up to 2033. It will identify where housing, retail and employment land should be located as well as the infrastructure to support this growth, such as new roads, schools, health services and sewerage. The proposed policies will be used to help make decisions on planning permission in the district.

In May 2018 full council met to review the Local Plan and decided to follow cabinets recommendations to reassess all available housing sites as long as the extra time this takes does not have a significant impact on the countywide Oxfordshire Housing and Growth Deal, £60m for affordable housing and £150m for infrastructure improvements, read more here...

The council intends to reassess each of the main housing sites currently proposed in the Plan, along with previously considered locations that were dismissed but were 'reasonable alternatives' and some additional sites.

Current proposed sites: Culham, Wheatley, Berinsfield, Chalgrove Airfield.

Previously considered 'reasonable alternatives' sites: Thornhill, Wick Farm, Lower Elsfield, Grenoble Road, Northfields, Harrington.

Additional sites submitted by developers: Palmers Riding Stables, Emmer Green; Reading Golf Club, Playhatch; land off Thame Road, North Weston; Land South of Great Western Park.

For more detail, documents and topic papers visit the South Oxfordshire website: Emerging Local Plan. 

UPDATE - the Draft Scrutiny version of the South Oxfordshire Plan has been published and subject to 6 week consultation. Read more here...
Download CPRE Oxfordshire's full submission


Vale of White Horse

The Vale of White Horse Local Plan 2031 Part 1 was adopted in 2016.
Local Plan Part 1: Strategic Sites and Policies can be read here: Contents and Chapters 1-4; Chapters 5-7.
It identifies the number of new homes and jobs to be provided up to 2031. It makes provision for retail, leisure and commercial development and for the infrastructure needed to support them.

Vale of White Horse Council have submitted the Local Plan 2031 Part 2: Additional Sites and Detailed Policies. Read the Publication version and all supporting documents here...
The Part 2 Plan sets out policies and locations for housing for the Vale's proportion of Oxford's unmet housing need up to 2031. It contains policies for the part of Didcot Garden Town that lies within the Vale of White Horse District. It also allocates additional development sites for housing.

The Secretary of State has appointed Mr David Reed as the Planning Inspector to carry out the Independent Examination.


West Oxfordshire

The West Oxfordshire Local Plan 2031 was formally adopted on 27 September 2018 and sets out the overall planning framework for the District from 2011-2031.

The Local Plan can be read here, together with accompany documents: West Oxfordshire Local Plan 2031.



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