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How to comment on a planning application

Tuesday, 12 June 2018 12:43

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Are you aware of a planning application and would like to find out more?
Perhaps you'd like to respond to a planning application but aren't sure where to start?
CPRE have put together an eight step guide to help. 

A condensed verision is below, to see the advice in full visit the Planning Help website.

Step One

Look at the Planning Application
Planning applications can be found on your local planning authorities website or at their offices.
Identify the proposed developments size and location, how it will function and its relationship with its immediate surroundings. Your support or objections should relate to these three main concerns.

Step Two
Visit the site but don't trespass, stick to public rights-of-way or ask the landowners permission.
Is the application accurate?
How would the development fit into its surroundings?
If it's a larger development how will it affect the local area, particularly the road network?
Could it lead to further development?
Does it meet a need in your local area?
Has the site been developed before?

Step Three
Decide your stance.

Step Four
Examine your area's Local Plan and/or Neighbourhood Development Plans, most suthorities publish these online or your local library will have a copy.

Step Five
Decide on your action.

Step Six
Put your comments in writing.

Step Seven
Gather support.

Step Eight
Speak at commitee meetings.



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