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Port Meadow: what have they done?

Tuesday, 29 January 2013 11:19

A view of Port Meadow A view of Port Meadow

Historic views are being destroyed by new student accommodation on the edge of ancient Port Meadow. Join the fight against this eyesore!

Port Meadow is an ancient area of common land covering 300 acres in north west Oxford. It is a flood meadow that has never been ploughed, a Site of Special Scientific Interest. It has fascinating archaeology including Bronze Age, Iron Age and English Civil War remains. It is a haven for wildlife. Until recently it was a relatively untouched landscape that offered some of the most beautiful views of the city of Oxford.

Not any more.

What have they done?

Now the southern end of the site is dominated by an enormous and intrusive five-story development of Oxford University student accommodation, currently going up on the neighbouring Castle Mill site.

We ask:

  • Why did Oxford City Council not insist on an Environmental Impact Assessment for this development?
  • Why did mitigation measures include planting trees on Port Meadow itself? The trees proposed will not provide sufficient screening and are not suitable for this landscape
  • Why were the freemen who manage Port Meadow not properly consulted?  
  • Why were other local people and organisations not properly consulted?

What you can do

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