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Oxpens meadow protected

Monday, 10 December 2012 14:20

Oxpens meadow from the air Oxpens meadow from the air Photo from oxpensmeadow.org

Oxpens Meadow has finally been secured as an open space. Councillors have agreed to dedicate it to HM The Queen in her Diamond Jubilee year under a 'fields in trust' scheme which protects green spaces for the future.

Campaigners Friends of Oxpens Meadow have been working towards getting it 'Town Green' status, but the Fields in Trust scheme gives the same result: preserving the Oxpens Meadow as an area of public open space. That's a great result.

Oxpens Meadow is right at the heart of Oxford, a lovely green space beside the ice rink on Oxpens Road. It is used all year for public recreation as well as organised events such as festivals and circuses. The meadow was acquired by Oxford City Council in 1923 from Christchurch. Over the years, bits of it have been built on. Both Oxford and Cherwell College and the ice rink stand on what used to be the meadow. But what is left of the original 16 acre site now looks to be safe for future generations.

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