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Some relief in sight for residents from the nightmare on Thrupp Lane

Thursday, 06 December 2012 11:12

Well done to Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) for serving a prohibition order on a site at Thrupp Farm near Radley!  The order comes as a relief to local residents who have been blighted by illegal workings on the site for years.

The site at Thrupp Farm has been used in the past for extracting sand and gravel, but has been closed for some time. But material has until recently been brought in for processing and re-export. And a number of other commercial premises have operated on the site - in some cases without valid planning consent. Residents of once-peaceful Thrupp Lane have suffered the noise and hazards caused by hundreds of massive lorries a day carrying tons of minerals in and out of their single track lane. They have campaigned for years for something to be done.

OCC's prohibition order for the site says that: "The winning and working of materials... and the deposit of waste on the site is now prohibited, all machinery should be removed from the site and the land returned to agriculture or nature conservation." The order covers the area on which other commercial premises have been operating without planning consent.

The environmental statement necessary to allow resumption of mineral extraction was judged by OCC to be unacceptable which is why the prohibition order was served. It has yet to be confirmed by the Secretary of State, and one of the operators on the site, Curtis, have until 10 December to lodge a request to put forward their views.

We have supported Thrupp Lane residents and now praise OCC for standing up and taking action.

Mark Baker of CPRE says: "It is not a complete solution to the problem of HGVs thundering up and down the lane: lorries from companies with planning consent will still do so. But if the Secretary of State confirms the order it will alleviate the threat of an increase in the noise, dust and traffic and cause some immediate reduction in vehicle movements. Ultimately the residents want a proper alternative access for all HGVs that takes traffic away from the lane altogether. The prohibition order would mean that the quarry could not start up without a totally new planning application, the granting of which could be made dependent on providing for a proper alternative route for the HGVs."

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