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Oxon and Bucks campaigners join forces to combat wind turbine

Tuesday, 23 October 2012 09:46

Wind turbine Wind turbine Photo: © Wikipedia

Hot on the heels of the application to erect a wind turbine at Henton we are now faced with an even bigger single turbine proposed at Ford, just over the Oxfordshire border in Buckinghamshire. And we don't want that one either!

23 October 2012

A proposed 330 feet tall wind turbine at Ford in the Buckinghamshire countryside close to the Oxfordshire boundary would be visible to thousands of people across Aylesbury Vale and the Thame district if permission for it were to be granted by Aylesbury Vale District Council.

We have joined forces with our fellow Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) campaigers in Buckinghamshire to oppose the plan to erect the massive turbine, which would cause unacceptable harm to the landscape.

Michael Tyce, chair of Thame district CPRE Oxfordshire said: “The proposed turbine at Ford will have a monstrous impact on a wide swathe of rural Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, including the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a large number of heritage assets and numerous settlements. There are, for example, 40 conservation areas within a 10 km radius.

“The very high subsidies we are forced to pay to turbine operators through all our electricity bills may well make the turbine, despite its insignificant output, a viable proposition for the developers. But it will not be viable for the community as a whole, as the damage to the countryside from visual intrusion, and the harm to residents amenity, will far outweigh the benefit of the minimal fossil fuel saving that might occur.”

Andrew Muir from CPRE Vale of Aylesbury said: “The landscape of Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire is inland and undulating and lacks the constant prevailing winds to make turbines a viable energy-generating option.”

CPRE Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire urge all local residents to object to the turbine. Objections must be submitted to the District Council by the end of October.

For full application details and to register your comments (by end of October) see Aylesbury Vale DC website.

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