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Banbury airport 'pie in the sky'

Monday, 03 September 2012 11:09

Passenger 747s in Oxfordshire? We don't think so Passenger 747s in Oxfordshire? We don't think so Photo: creative commons, Wikipedia

Good grief! Massive airport somewhere near Banbury suggested

Government plans to look into options for building a four-runway airport somewhere in the South East were reported in this weekend’s Independent on Sunday, with Banbury in Oxfordshire mentioned as one of the possible locations.

Heathrow airport takes up over 12 square kilometres – nearly five square miles. The idea that you could suddenly find space in Oxfordshire for an airport of this size, with all the associated infrastructure, is quite simply ludicrous and we trust it will never take off.

The Government should focus on investment in our existing systems and more innovative use of public transport. Ideas such as demand-responsive bus, mini-bus and taxi-bus solutions in rural areas may seem small-scale by comparison but could actually make a real difference to local economies.

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