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The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) has backed the concept of an Oxford to Cambridge ‘Growth Corridor’.

The Growth Corridor or ‘OxMKCam Arc’ stretching from Oxford via Milton Keynes to Cambridge is to deliver 1 million new houses and 700,000 additional jobs in the area (to justify the houses) by 2050.

Current housing stock in the 'Arc' amounts to 1.54 million, so an uplift of 1 million is an overall increase of 70%.

What will this mean for Oxfordshire?

• Up to 300,000 new houses for Oxfordshire or 10,000 houses per mile, ie 6 more cities the size of Oxford over the next 30 years.
• An increase in the county’s housing stock by 70%.
• And an increase in Oxfordshire’s current working age population by 40%: despite the fact that the county has almost full employment.

The National Infrastructure Commission has backed the concept of an Oxford to Cambridge Growth Corridor of a million houses and job creation to justify them.
Highways England are currently deciding the route that the Expressway, which supports the Growth Corridor, should take: an announcement is expected in July 2018.

What is the Expressway?

The Department for Transport (DfT) has pledged to create an ‘Expressway’, ie a dual carriageway from Oxford to Cambridge (via Milton Keynes), as well as an east-west rail link, linking the M4 with the M11.
The Expressway is designed to support the Growth Corridor
Work on the Expressway is due to start by 2025 (and end by 2030). The cost is estimated to be 3.5 billion; the Government has so far pledged only £27 million, the rest is to be paid by the taxpayer.

Where will the Expressway go?

The Highways Agency is to decide the route that the Expressway should take. There are three possible options:

• The first option would upgrade the A34 and junction 9 of the M40 and then run past Bicester towards Milton Keynes.
• The second would mean a new road, which would leave the A34 near Abingdon then run through 10 miles of the Green Belt south of Oxford.
• The third option would mean a new road south of Oxford, running through Thame, Haddenham and Aylesbury.

Download CPRE’s map illustrating the route options

A public consultation will only take place once the route has been chosen.

What is CPRE doing?

CPRE Oxfordshire is campaigning for a full statutory public consultation followed by a Public Inquiry into the Oxford-Cambridge Growth Corridor and Expressway, so that decisions are open and transparent.

We are demanding that the environmental and social costs of the Growth Corridor should be weighed against the potential economic benefits envisaged, and the routing of any Expressway, at least through Oxfordshire, be decided in the open.

Dr Peter Collins, Chairman, CPRE Oxfordshire, said:

“The public rightly expect such life-changing and long-lasting decisions to be made with full transparency. The Expressway and growth corridor would completely change the character of Oxfordshire and there must be absolute openness when considering how any potential economic benefits could possibly outweigh the enormous environmental damage.”

  • CPRE has written to the Secretary of State and the Chancellor of the Exchequer, copied to Oxfordshire MPs, Council Leaders, Oxfordshire County Council and OxLEP (see letters below).
  • And we are lobbying our local decision-makers - CPRE has written to all Oxfordshire Parish Councils asking them to suport our call for a Public Inquiry (see letter below). Thanks, in part, to our lobbying...

The Oxfordshire Growth Board has called for a full public consultation into the initial assessment of the three corridors being considered between Oxford and Cambridge - a process which currently includes stakeholder engagement, but not full public consultation (see: Oxfordshire Growth Board Minutes, 30 November 2017 and below Letters from Bob Price, Leader of Oxford City Council to Highways England (16 January 2018) & the National Infrasructure Commission (11 January 2018); and

A motion has been passed by the Oxfordshire County Council calling for a Public Inquiry into the need for the Expressway and the selection of a route and to set up a cross-party Committee to look at all aspects of the impacts of the Expressway (see: Oxfordshire County Council Minutes, 12 December 2017).

Why is a Public Inquiry necessary? 

It is obvious, and the Leader of Oxfordshire County Council has said as much, that any decision to impose a Growth Corridor on rural Oxfordshire will be contentious to say the least; it is also obvious, as he also accepts, that any of the potential Expressway routes – including upgrading the A34 – will be environmentally harmful, albeit to varying degrees.

It is essential to open Government that important matters which are capable of being decided in the open, and with public involvement, should be decided in the open and not as is currently intended, behind closed doors.

It is also clearly the case that whilst the outcome of an open consultation and a Public Inquiry may still lead to discontent, its teeth will be largely drawn if the public can see that the decision was fact-based and open.

An open independent decision will also absolve authorities and elected representatives of the accusations of complicity or failure to do their duty which are already widely voiced.


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CPRE has responded to the consultation on SODC's Local Plan - we have called on the Inspector not to release land from the Green Belt and to reconsider the need for a 'new town' at Chalgrove.

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The Local Plans for the Vale and South Oxfordshire are out for consultation - but they fail to acknowledge in any detail the proposed Oxford to Cambridge Expressway and Growth Corridor.

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Consultation opens on South Oxforshire's Local Plan - Final Publication Version, before it submits it to the Inspector for independent examination.

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South Oxfordshire's final draft of its Local Plan is to be published on 11 October, including proposals for 22,500 new homes, including many in the Green Belt.

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South Oxfordshire District received over 7,500 comments to the consultation on their emerging Local Plan - thank you for making your voice heard!

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SODC is holding a public consultation on its Local Plan - Second Preferred Options - the consulation opens today (29 March) and runs for seven weeks until 17 May.

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The Government’s Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) is consulting the local community on plans to build 3,500 homes at Chalgrove Airfield. 

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Today - 19 August - is the final day to have your say on South Oxfordshire District Council's preferred options for development through to 2032. CPRE's response argues for lower figures and higher density, which would remove the need for a new settlement...

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South Oxfordshire District Council is currently consulting on the Preferred Options for its Local Plan 2032.  CPRE believes that, where appropriate, higher density development could reduce the greenfield land needed and encourage the right type of housing.  Have you say by 19 August.

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