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CPRE Political Neutral Summary of Party Manifestos

Tuesday, 10 December 2019 12:37

CPRE Political Neutral Summary of Party Manifestos Photo by Steve Houghton-Burnett on Unsplash

Undecided Voter? This special edition of the eBulletin, written by Andy Boddington (CPRE South East) summarises the manifesto policies of relevance to the CPRE remit.

Media and NGO coverage of the election is excluded to retain political neutrality. There have also been a lot of late announcements, though few on the environment.

The Party Manifestos
It barely features in most of the election coverage, but the climate emergency and biodiversity crisis are threaded through the manifestos of the four largest parties in England.
Net zero is one of the top six guarantees for the Conservatives.
The Green Party’s manifesto is written through the lens of a Green New Deal.
The Liberal Democrats slate climate change as their second most important issue.
Labour opens its manifesto with the green industrial revolution. There are promises to plants trees. Lots of them. Build houses. Lots of them. Zero carbon is promised.

Read the manifestos in full:
Conservatives: Get Brexit Done. Unleash Britain’s Potential.
Greens: The Green New Deal.
Labour: It’s time for Real Change.
Lib Dems: Stop Brexit. Build a brighter future.

Download the comprehensive summary in full below, areas covered:
Net Zero and the Climate Emergency
Green Belt
Food, Farming and Fishing
Animal Welfare
Water and Flooding
Energy and Decarbonisation
Resources and Recycling
Localities and Communities
Environment Watchdogs
Land and Property Tax
Integrated and Sustainable Transport
Active Travel
Car Travel
Air Quality
Rail and Trams

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