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Don't let the Oxford Green Belt turn into a Car Park

Monday, 23 March 2015 11:43

Oxfordshire County Council has announced proposals to set up a number of massive new Park and Rides in the Oxford Green Belt. CPRE believe the county's new transport plan will harm the Oxford Green Belt.

The County Council in its new transport plan - 'Connecting Oxfordshire - Local Transport Plan, 2015 - 2031', says that the existing Park and Rides in Oxford should be closed, because they are creating too much traffic. Instead, they have suggested five new sites in the Oxford Green Belt at Langford Lane, East of Kidlington, Cumnor, Lodge Hill and Sandford, plus a further site at Eynsham (which may or may not end up in the Green Belt).

CPRE believes the proposed Park and Rides will undermine the openness and permanence of the Green Belt, and encroach upon the countryside.

They will do nothing to get people out of their cars. Instead, it will just increase the amount of traffic to and from the radial routes to surrounding towns.

Furthermore, they will continue to put the focus on increasing jobs in Oxford, leading to even more pressure on the Green Belt.

CPRE believe:

• The public should be given a say on the Oxfordshire Strategic Economic Plan, which is driving the County Council’s transport plan - it was drawn up behind closed doors and will significantly increase the pressure on the county’s transport infrastructure;

• There should be greater investment in improving strategic rural routes that are already near or at capacity, such as the A338 and the A361;

• We need a green infrastructure strategy (that has long been promised by the County Council) to show how we can protect and enhance our environment, alongside the push for economic growth and increased transport infrastructure.

Don’t turn the Oxford Green Belt into a Car Park!

What can you do?

Please respond to Oxfordshire County Council ‘Connecting Oxfordshire’ Consultation by 2 April 2015.

There are lots of documents on the OCC website, but the specific information about the Park and Ride proposals are on page 13 of Volume 2 section i: Oxford Transport Strategy.

You can:

- Fill in the online questionnaire – the Park and Ride issue falls under Questions 4a & 4b on Mass Transit, but do consider responding to the other questions too.

- Or upload your own letter of response.

You can also comment and discuss the plans using the Council’s Connecting Oxfordshire Facebook page or by tweeting at the council using #ConnectingOxfordshire

CPRE Oxfordshire’s own detailed response to the consultation will be available on our website very shortly.


CPRE Oxfordshire, 26 March 2015 


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