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Latest threats to Oxford's Green Belt

Wednesday, 14 January 2015 19:25

See CPRE's up-to-date map of current threats to the Oxford Green Belt.

Despite its special 'protected' status, the Oxford Green Belt faces almost constant threats from land owners, developers and Oxfordshire district councils, all wanting a little chunk.

The main pressures on Oxford's Green Belt have been mapped by CPRE on an interactive, web-based map, see here.

These include:

  • the land south of Grenoble Road
  • the Northern Gateway - from Pear Tree to Wolvercote
  • the Kidlington Gap, and
  • North Abingdon

But there are many more parcels of Green Belt land proposed for development or currenlty under consideration.

Find out if your nearest Green Belt land is under threat!

CPRE Oxfordshire strongly believes that the Green Belt remains a vital tool in promoting sustainable forms of living, safeguarding the open countryside and protecting the character of one of England's ancient cities.

Find out more about why Oxford's Green Belt matters.

How you can help?

  • Write to your local MP or write a letter to the local press to object to proposed developments in the Oxford Green Belt.
  • Support CPRE in its fight to protect Oxford's Green Belt.
  • Sign up to CPRE's monthly e-newsletter to find out more about our campaign work.

CPRE Oxfordshire, 14 January 2015.

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