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Walking the Bryson Line

Thursday, 21 June 2018 11:45

A group of Anglo-Americans, inspired by author and ex-CPRE President Bill Bryson, are walking the length of the country raising money for charity – and celebrating the landscapes of Oxfordshire.

A small group of Anglo-Americans will be walking the ‘Bryson Line’ over the course of a month from 9 June – 8 July 2018 to raise £100,000 for five UK charities, including the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE).

The idea is from the prologue of Bill Bryson’s book – ‘The Road to Little Dribbling: More Notes from a Small Island’ and reflects the longest straight line you can walk in Britain without crossing over sea. As one of the beneficiaries, CPRE is supporting the walk to promote the beauty of, and the threats to, our treasured and finite countryside.

As they enter Oxfordshire in early July the walkers will be greeted by the Rollright Stones, a complex of megalithic monuments on the edge of the Cotswold Hills; walk through the grounds of Blenheim Palace; walk a section of the Oxford Green Belt; follow the Thames Path into the Chilterns AONB, passing the iconic Wittenham Clumps, until crossing the Berkshire border.

To find see the route, read the blog or donate visit the Walk The Bryson Line website.

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