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West Oxfordshire Local Plan - Hearing dates set

Thursday, 06 April 2017 13:42

Register BY 12 APRIL to appear at the Hearings.

The hearing dates for the revised West Oxfordshire Local Plan have now been set, with the sessions due to start on Tuesday 9 May.

Those wishing to attend must register with the Programme Officer by 5pm, Wednesday 12 April, with any written submissions by 5pm, Wednesday 19 April.   

NB Only those who have already made representations on these matters in response to previous consultations can register to appear.  


The new Inspector, Malcolm Rivett BA (Hons) MSc MRTPI, takes over from Mr Simon Emerson, who has retired since the original hearings.  Mr Rivett will be considering evidence on issues such as:

- housing numbers, which have now increased to 660 homes per year for the plan period 

- transport and supporting infrastructure, including whether proposed improvements to the A40 are adequate

- environmental and heritage assets, including water requirements and a Dark Skies policy.


Although the process can appear formal, we would urge you not to be put off.  If you are a local resident with relevant information, you have just as much right to be heard (in fact more, in our opinion) as any developer. If in doubt, you can always talk to the Programme Officer, who works independently of the Council and is there to help ensure the smooth running of the hearings. 

See the West Oxfordshire District Council website for:

- Copy of the latest version of the Plan (West Oxfordshire Local Plan 2031 - main modifications including tracked changes)

- Examination guidance note - including details of how to register and contact details for the Programme Officer

- Draft Hearing programme

- Inspector's Matters & Questions. 


CPRE will be seeking to appear at a number of the hearing sessions to argue the case for appropriate development that protects and enhances West Oxfordshire's rural character.   We hope to see you there!


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