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Minerals & Waste Proposals

Wednesday, 26 February 2014 11:49

How will we deal with minerals and waste in the county between now and 2030?  That's the question Oxfordshire County Council is seeking to answer with its new Minerals & Waste Core Strategy.  The Draft Strategy is now open for consultation, running until 7 April.


You can find the draft Core Strategy & details of how to respond to the consultation on the Oxfordshire County Council website - here.

CPRE Oxfordshire is working on its own consultation response - if you have concerns that you would like us to take into account, then please do get in touch.   

UPDATE 4 APRIL 14: CPRE Oxfordshire has now submitted its response - see bottom of page.

Here's some of the issues we will be raising:


After work by a number of local environmental groups, including CPRE, the County Council has finally accepted and put forward lower figures for the quantities of the various minerals required.  We will want to make sure that this is what is agreed.  


We believe:

- Priority for location of sites should be given to established industrial estates and then other brownfield sites.

- Any waste plants should be designed to deal with Oxfordshire waste, not scaled up to deal with imports of waste from elsewhere.  


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