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Thames Water's latest plan

Tuesday, 06 August 2013 09:57

Thames Water's latest plan

CPRE has told Thames Water that its latest Plan needs to be much more ambitious on metering, water efficiency and looking at ways of bringing in water to the area from elsewhere. 

Thames Water has been consulting on its draft Water Resources Management Plan 14, looking at how they will manage resources over the next 25 years.

CPRE has welcomed many of the proposals outlined in the plan, including more recycling of water and greater co-operation with other water companies.

But we think:

- The targets for introducing water meters are unambitious and should be strengthened - the targets should be in line with what other companies are achieving, taking advantage of the smart meter reading technologies now available, particularly because of the link between meter reading and reducing leaks.  

- Thames Water should be showing more leadership on water efficiency, including how to retrofit water saving devices and changing behaviours.  

- A commitment to an open dialogue on strategic water transfers should be included, looking at bringing in water from the Severn and further afield, and canal transfer options.   


The consultation on the plan has now closed and Thames Water has said it will publish a response by 30 October 2013.


For more information:

Thames Water website

Read our full response below...




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