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We all need the countryside – whether it’s for fresh air or a place to think, for delicious local produce, beautiful landscapes, or vibrant towns and villages – the countryside is invaluable. The most effective way for you to help protect the countryside is to become a member of CPRE. By joining us, you are helping to ensure that a beautiful living countryside thrives for generations to come.

CPRE membership is from £3 a month, but giving more than that will help us do even more. CPRE members may add their partner and other family members to their membership - those who do tend to give from £5 a month.

As a CPRE member you’ll receive:

  • Countryside Voice magazine, three times a year*
  • Half-price entry to over 200 houses and gardens across England
  • Fieldwork, our newsletter to help you campaign
  • Membership of your local County Branch
  • Oxfordshire Voice magazine twice a year
  • Access to our Planning Hotline for advice from CPRE

*Please note we are unable to send our magazine, Countryside Voice, to members who pay less than £3 per month. We understand that each person’s circumstances are different, and we very much welcome you joining us at whatever level you can afford. However we hope you understand that we won’t be able to provide our magazine.

For all memberships, we encourage you to pay by monthly, quarterly or annual Direct Debit. Please freephone 0800 163680 to join up by Direct Debit today.

Suggested membership rates:

£36 per year (equivalent to £3 a month)*
£60 per year (equivalent to £5 a month)
£120 per year (equivalent to £10 a month)
£300 per year (equivalent to £25 a month)
£600 per year (equivalent to £50 a month)

* Recommended minimum. If you would like to support our work by paying a bigger subscription, we would be very grateful. The more you give, the more we can do.

Parish council & Organisations membership is £36 a year - see below.

Join online
Become a member: Direct Debit payment (individual)

Postal applications

If you prefer, you can download a membership form and post it to us.

Join by Direct Debit 2016
Join CPRE by Debit/Credit Card or cheque 2016
Join as a Parish Council or Organisation 2016


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