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CPRE Oxfordshire AGM 2015 - Saturday 6 June

Monday, 18 May 2015 20:32

This year's CPRE Oxfordshire AGM took place on Saturday 6 June, at St Edmund Hall, Oxford.  The keynote speech was given by Peter Jay - a challenging cry to action in response to the recent dismantling of the planning system and increasing threats to the countryside.

Peter Jay, economist, broadcaster, diplomat and Chairman of ROAR (Rural Oxfordshire Action Rally) presented his talk, 'Their Tanks on our Lawns', in which he urged people to make a 'hoo-haa' about the current situation saying:

"The breakdown of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and its cynical manipulation by well-funded vested interests in order to extract maximum private profit from despoiling precious public assets stinks. No matter how much they contribute to party funds, they cannot take away our right and our ability to make a stink.

"We can and should demand that the new government, so amply represented in this county, now review the NPPF so as to restore a proper balance between housing needs and planning principles. They must encourage their inspectors to close up the loopholes which developers are using against district councils. 

"Developers must no longer be allowed to prevent planning authorities from adopting their own local plans by indefinitely protracted prevarication. They must no longer be faced with targets for a five year housing supply which are arbitrarily set by unelected quangos and their commercial confederates. Nor must the targets be made even less attainable by excluding from the available supply sites which already have planning permission.

"Meanwhile, they must plan and build - or cause to be built – the affordable houses that people need, designed and located according to the best planning principles.

"This is our country – both national and rural; and we will protect it."


A copy of Peter Jay's speech is made freely available below (both the delivery version, and the full version which includes additional information).  We also hope to make an audio recording of the speech available here shortly.




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