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Positive Planning Seminar, Wed 23 November

Tuesday, 27 September 2016 10:24

St Edmund Hall, Oxford

Many thanks to all who attended this seminar, which explored positive ways to guide development within Oxfordshire.  Read more for copies of the presentations.

It is clear we face significant challenges.  The County is set to face substantial growth in the coming years, with the potential creation of 85,000 jobs and 100,000 new houses. Common ground from all our attendees was that this growth must be managed and mitigated to ensure we protect and enhance our environment and rural communities, which are so central to our quality of life.

We heard from a number of experts, outlining some of the ways we might approach tackling these issues.

Jo Lavis, Director, Rural Housing Solutions, spoke on rural affordable housing and urged the recreation in some form or other of the Oxfordshire Rural Housing Partnership.

Dr Ingo Schüder, Director, Brillianto, spoke on green infrastructure, arguing that an investment of £50m per annum would have significant measurable benefits in terms of health and well-being.

Professor Gavin Parker, from the University of Reading, gave us an interesting overview of the current state of neighbourhood planning across England.

Finally Shaun Spiers, Chief Executive, CPRE, gave a talk on 'Positive Planning'. This was a frank assessment of the current problems of 'developer-led planning' but also outlined some of the key issues where CPRE campaigns are making a difference, including better prioritisation of brownfield land and moves to encourage the increase of housing density.

We are also grateful to the participants in our closing panel session - Ian Hudspeth (Leader, Oxfordshire County Council), Elizabeth Gillespie (Cabinet Member, South Oxfordshire District Council) and Dr Sue Brownill (Oxford Brookes University) - which explored how some of these ideas could be taken forward within Oxfordshire.

All the speakers have kindly agreed to make their presentations publicly available, and these can be downloaded below.

CPRE Oxfordshire gratefully acknowledges the support of the Tanner Trust for this event.   



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