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We care about waste and litter

Bin men at work Bin men at work Photo: © Jane Tomlinson

Litter is a problem that gets people hot under the collar. In fact, MPs get more letters complaining about litter than anything else.

Litter not only looks disgusting, it is a health hazard, detrimental to the environment and a danger to wildlife.

We need to challenge the view that litter is someone else’s problem and encourage people to take responsibility by reducing waste from the outset – that is to use less. This is particularly difficult in the current economic climate, which is promoting a throwaway society, with cheap, disposable goods the more affordable option.

If we are to minimise the amount of waste – not only domestic, but also commercial and industrial – going to landfill, which scars the landscape, we need to encourage re-use, reduce the amount of packaging people and manufacturers use, and improve recycling schemes.


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