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What we think about aviation

Heathrow Terminal 5 Heathrow Terminal 5 Photo: © Wikipedia/Panhard

Air traffic accounts for 10% of the UK’s contribution to climate change. Aircraft noise disrupts the tranquillity of the countryside. The land around airports turn into whopping car parks and sprawling developments that eat into the surrounding countryside.

Cheap flights mean that people in Britain go on holiday abroad much more than people in other European countries. This produces a tourism deficit, with more money spent on foreign holidays than foreigners spend here.

The Government wants aviation to keep on growing. If this goes ahead, we fear that it threatens to land a disaster on the countryside while making runaway climate change unstoppable.

Instead of expansion, we need realistic, practical alternatives. Ferry services are being cut back, and long-distance rail services from the English regions to destinations across Europe are still not being provided. Meanwhile millions of pounds are being pumped into regional airports in grants and hidden subsidies. So it's not surprising that many opt for planes simply because this is easiest and cheapest.

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